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Sustainability and Sustainable Finance Forum

Sustainability and Sustainable Finance Forum

17 – 19 March 2023 Park Regency Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This forum will shed light on the mechanisms for enhancing banking sustainability and sustainable financing, and the challenges and risks facing central banks and banks during the transition towards green banking.

It will also address the importance of the role of international, regional, and local financing institutions in supporting transformation strategies and plans. This forum also aims to review the requirements for the application and inclusion of sustainable financing policies in light of international best practices, delivered by a selected and distinguished group of experts from the Arab region and specialized international institutions.








Meet Our Speakers

Governor, South Sinai

Khaled Fouda

Governor, South Sinai
Chairman- UAB

Mohamed Eletreby

Chairman- UAB

Sherif Lokman

Secretary General UAB

Wissam H. Fattouh

Secretary General UAB


The world is witnessing considerable interest in sustainable development and striving towards achieving its goals, especially in light of climate changes and their risks, which call for intensifying the international, regional, and local efforts to confront these repercussions that may negatively affect the future of development in many countries.
The importance of sustainability and sustainable financing in supporting financial and banking stability is considered one of the main pillars for achieving several sustainable development goals, through integrating environmental and social factors and governance rules when providing financing, because of their positive impact on corporate performance and on reducing risk levels, as well as directing funds to the sustainable projects through issuing and managing sustainable and green financial instruments in order to finance projects within the sustainable development programs and agenda.
The international financing institutions and central banks also contribute effectively in providing mechanisms, tools, principles, and initiatives that enhance the opportunities for banks to promote sustainable financing principles and improve the opportunities for transformation towards green and sustainable banking, where modern technological developments in banks play an important role in enhancing the exploitation of these opportunities.
Financial markets are a major player in promoting investment opportunities, attracting investors, and promoting green bond issuance in light of the increasing spread of environmental and social investment, which contribute to achieving sustainable goals.
In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to combine the efforts of many governmental and legislative bodies and organizations to develop the legislative, legal, and regulatory infrastructure in order to provide an enabling environment that contributes to the success of the transformation process and to achieve sustainable development at the country level.
Hence the importance of holding this forum in Sharm El-Sheikh – Egypt, after holding COP27 Conference in November 2022, within the framework of strengthening the role of the banking sector in achieving sustainable development goals through a shift towards sustainable banking, as the forum focuses on the strategies, initiatives and roles of each of the international financing institutions, central banks, banks, financial markets, and governmental bodies and organizations in promoting sustainability and sustainable financing, and their contribution to enhancing financial and banking stability. The forum will also discuss the requirements for applying and including sustainable financing policies within the credit and investment policies of banks, and review the best practices and global initiatives related to sustainable financing.

Forum themes and topics

1. Sustainable financing and its role in enhancing financial and banking stability.
2. International financing institutions and their role in supporting the transition towards banking sustainability.
3. The phenomenon of climate change: opportunities and challenges and their impact on banks’ financial risks.
4. The role of governmental, legislative and regulatory bodies and organizations in providing an enabling environment to support banking sustainability.
5. Presenting central banks’ initiatives for enhancing sustainability to confront climate change risks and their implementation mechanisms.
6. Integrating environmental, social and institutional governance strategies into banks’ strategies.
7. Green banking products and financial technology, and promoting sustainable financing mechanisms in banks.
8. The role of financial markets in promoting investment opportunities in low-carbon and sustainable sectors.
9. International standards for disclosure and assessment of the effects of banking sustainability.
10. Presenting global best practices for sustainable financing initiatives and products.

Target participants

  • Governors, directors and principal employees of Arab central banks.
  • Directors and their principal associates in Arab supervisory authorities.
  • Directors and their principal associates in international financing institutions and regional funds.
  • Directors and their principal associates in sustainability and sustainable financing departments of banks.
  • Directors and their principal associates in risk management departments.
  • Directors and their principal associates in credit and finance departments.
  • Directors and their principal associates in retail banking departments.
  • Directors and their principal associates in the Arab financial markets.
  • Directors and their principal associates in Arab governmental and legislative bodies and organizations.

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