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Strategies and Horizons – Charting the Course for Future Internal Auditing Forum

Location: Conrad Cairo Hotel

Date: November 22-23, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM

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In the dynamic sphere of modern finance, the Arab banking sector stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. The upcoming seminar, “Strategies and Horizons- Charting the Course for Future Internal Auditing” serves as a beacon for professionals navigating the complexities of contemporary internal auditing. Traditionally confined to investigating irregularities, internal auditing has undergone a profound transformation. It has evolved into an independent, objective assurance, and consultancy activity designed to enhance operational efficiency through a disciplined approach to risk management, control, and governance processes.
Due to the paramount importance of internal audit activities amidst the swiftly evolving economic and technological landscape within the banking sector, and the escalating reliance placed upon them by enterprise boards, regulatory entities, and central banks to fortify comprehensive safety measures and attain strategic objectives, emphasis will be placed on elucidating the principles and protocols of internal auditing. This will encompass a concentrated effort on refining professional practices pertaining to risk management and governance, employing a systematic approach. Additionally, attention will be directed towards technological advancements with the aim of augmenting a nuanced comprehension of contemporary methodologies associated with internal auditing and internal controls. This underscores their central role in contributing to the perpetuation of transparency and adherence to international laws and standards.
Participants will gain profound insights into International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the imperatives of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, and the exigency of Advanced Technological Integration. The overarching theme of agile auditing will be meticulously explored, elucidating the path toward a responsive and adaptive internal audit function. As sustainability ascends to a pivotal position within corporate governance, the seminar will meticulously examine the ramifications of ESG considerations on internal auditing.
In this regards, the World Union of Arab Bankers is organizing this seminar which transcends conceptual exploration to constitute a call to action. Participate in a transformative dialogue that seeks to elevate the role and independence of internal auditing in safeguarding organizational assets. In an era characterized by perpetual change, involvement in “Strategies and Horizons- Charting the Course for Future Internal Auditing” translates into an investment in proactively navigating transformative currents, steering towards a future where internal auditing assumes the mantle of strategic imperative.